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How to get the lowest price on health insurance

  All health plans in Connecticut have fixed pricing.

This means that every broker . . every website . . has the same price.

So you cannot save money by buying your health insurance

from a specific broker or by going directly to the company.

To save money keep reading . . .

How to save money on health insurance

Finding a health plan that pays for those medical bills and prescription drugs you and your family use is the only way to save money on health insurance.

Making sure your doctors is is in thenetwork for your health plans will assure that you only pay the copay for your visits. If your doctor is not a particpating provider you will pay the full amount of all office visits.

The next way to save money is to purchase a plan that pays for the medical services
you use on a regular basis.

For example, if you take 4 prescriptions day, look for a health plan that pays for your medicine with a copay versus after a large deductible is paid.

If you see a specialist doctor every month, choose a plan that pays for a specialist with a copay versus after a large deductible.

Insurance can be complicated and you having to do this every year can be tiresome.

So If you can, find someone who is knowledgeable about health insurance and

someone you trust to help you and your family every year

Some things you should know

An insurance agent employee works for the company and must represent the the interests of their employer.

An insurance broker works with many companies and is self employed represents you and your family interests.

In either case, an insurance agent or broker can be very helpful to you - every year! Consider using one as the price for insurance is the same whether you use a broker or not

You can also purchase some health plans over the internet without any help.

Just remember that the health insurance you choose over the internet will be your plan for the year and cannot be changed until the following year.


Steps to finding health insurance to save money

1. You should gather all your information and review how you currently

use medical and prescription services.

2. Your fact finding above is the key that will help you find the health insurance plans

that will pay for your specific medical needs.

3. Once you decide on a health plan, consider seeing a free insurance broker to
1. review your plan coverages with you and
2. to review all your paperwork for errors or omissions.
3. work with the health insurance plan to get your health policy issued quickly.
4. Answer questions and help you during the year.

Who is Creative Health Insurance?

Creative Health Insurance is an insurance agency that brokers health insurance.

We help Connecticut individuals, families and businesses.

We understand all the health plans and options available.

We do not charge fees for our services,

the health insurance companies will pay us

for helping you every year.

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